black soldier fly larvae large
calcigrubs black soldier fly larvae

Large Calcigrubs™

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Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae 

Large staple feeder for

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Chameleons
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Insect eating Reptiles
  • Insect eating Mammals
  • Bird, Fowl and Aquatic species

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Customer Reviews

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Rachael S
Great Buy

This price is great for how many caligrubs you get. My veiled chameleon loves these grubs, especially when they turn into flies.

star connelly
not so great.

the first time i ordered i loved it but i placed my second order and they all came half dead , in a weird substrate that’s hard to eat off and in two different containers packed by ben. probably won’t order from here again. :// giving five stars so it’s actually read by others but would rate 2/5 stars at most.

Megan Pieper
Large and Healthy!

Order received quickly! The BSFL were very lively and decent sized.

They were great the first few shipments...

The first few shipments were great and they always arrive on time. My problem is the last couple of weeks. I order 300 and they are broken down in two containers. The small container of 100 seems to be good, but the large containers have a different substrate that is always wet and really smelly. There are many dead/ dying grubs and as many mentioned difficult to remove all the substrate.

Jennifer Stein
Hit and miss

First one was great second one had different very wet substrate and hard to clean off grubs, and lots of dark ones that turned into Flys quickly this last one was ok however again different substrate hard to separate from grubs. Quite a few dark and dead ones. We will see how many Flys we Get?