BSFL - Facts

Any insect eating Reptile, Amphibian, Bird, Fowl, Mammal or Aquatic species benefits from eating Calcigrubs™ Black Soldier Fly Larvae!


  • BSFL have a 1.55:1 Calcium:Phosphorus ratio making them highly desired for the staple feeding of various Reptiles, as they require higher levels of calcium if not exposed to UVB.  
  • You do not have to feed or water your BSFL.
  • BSFL make no noise.
  • BSFL can tolerate high and low temperatures allowing for easier shipping.
  • BSFL can be stored in their original container for the remainder of their life cycle.
  • BSFL will not bite you or your pet.
  • BSFL are active and will create feeding interest from your pets.
  • Depending on size ordered, BSFL will live 3-5 weeks.
  • BSFL can be cooled to further continue their longevity until fed to your pet.