BSFL - Feeding Larvae

BSFL – Feeding Methods for Calcigrubs™ Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Terrestrial Pets (Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Skinks, Dart Frogs, etc.)

Most terrestrial reptiles, fowl and mammals can benefit from a clean feeding source such as a bowl or shallow plate.  It is beneficial if your feeding containment is deeper than the length of the item your feeding or have a lip around the dish inhibiting escape.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae can typically only escape containment by either becoming wet or encountering a wet surface.  If your dish contains too many BSFL, they may stack up on one another and be able to exit the feeding dish.

Most common sources of feeder containment are disposable feeder bowls, no-escape feeder bowls, ceramic crocks and Tupperware style containers.  All of those listed are fine for feeding BSFL and may be selected based on the size and habitat of your pet.

Black Soldier Fly Reptile Feeder Bowls

Arboreal Pets (Chameleons, Leaf Tail Geckos, Crested Geckos, etc.)

A good majority of arboreal pets can be fed from suspended feeding cups or bowls side mounted to their caging.  If the containment remains dry, the Larvae will remain within their bowl or dish.

Suspended cups are sourced from a wide variety of containers such as Deli Cups, Tupperware style containers, bird feeder cups, jar lids, etc. 



Fly Feeding – Please see the Fly Feeding Caresheet

*Although it is not necessary to dust BSFL with a calcium supplement, we advise to still maintain providing your typical multivitamin schedule for your pet.  If treating an animal with a Metabolic Bone condition or treating for other conditions, please follow the guidance provided by a qualified Veterinarian.