BSFL - Feeding Flies

BSFL – Feeding Flies

Due to the slow-moving nature of Black Soldier Flies, their size and calcium/nutrition content, hatching out your own flies for your pet to consume is a fun and interactive process.  The flies are taken easily by all types of pets and can have a positive effect on animals that have stalled on their current feeding insect.


black soldier flies


 As your larvae mature, they will turn black in color and start to take on a rigid exoskeleton.  Once the rigidity starts, you have approximately 7-10 days, depending on temperature, and you will have active flies within your animals caging for them to consume.


black soldier fly pupae


The easiest way to accomplish hatching Black Soldier Flies is to order either Large Larvae or XL Larvae (Pupae) and place them in a container in a dry spot within the cage.  Pupae become immobile and will remain in the dish until hatching.  We place Pupae in a disposable feeding dish with a small amount of coir fiber with 15-20 Pupae in each cage and exchange for new Pupae every 7-10 days depending on hatch rate.

black soldier fly pupae


You can offer both Larvae (any size) and Flies as a feed source simultaneously.

*Although it is not necessary to dust BSFL with a calcium supplement, we advise to still maintain providing your typical multivitamin schedule for your pet.  If treating an animal with a Metabolic Bone condition or treating for other conditions, please follow the guidance provided by a qualified Veterinarian.