Commonly Answered Questions | Calcigrubs™ BSFL FAQ


Order and Subscription Issues:


 Where is my package?

  • If you did not receive a tracking number for your order, please email us and we will forward your tracking number to you.

When will my order be here?

  • Once you receive your tracking number you can view the estimated day of arrival through the USPS tracking system.  Depending on your location, orders are sent priority and arrive within 2-3 days.

Can I reschedule a delivery?

Can I change my subscription?

  • Yes, login to our website and manage your subscription from the “account settings”.

What about DOA orders?

  • Please report any DOA orders within 24 hours of receipt.

My coupon code will not work?

  • The coupon code may be expired and inactive.  Subscription orders are already discounted and coupon codes do not apply.  Contact us anytime for a current coupon code.


Care and Maintenance of Calcigrubs™


How do I care for my Calcigrubs™ BSFL?


    Feeding Calcigrubs™ BSFL to Your Pet


    What pets can eat Calcigrubs™ BSFL?

    • All insect eating Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Fowl, Mammals and Aquatic Fish.

    Are Calcigrubs™ a “Staple” Feeder

    • For Reptiles especially, Calcigrubs are a great protein staple feeder replacing other costly and minimally nutritious feeders.  For Pets that are not reptiles, it will be dependent on the species dietary needs.

    Do I have to dust Calcigrubs™ with Calcium?

    • No, Calcigrubs contain all the calcium your pet needs.  We encourage that you dust with multi-vitamins as the species you keep requires.

    Do Calcigrubs™ climb?

    • Calcigrubs BSFL can climb surfaces if they are wet.  If you rinse your Calcigrubs, be sure to dry them with a paper towel before placing them in your pet’s food container as they will have the ability to climb out.

    Do Calcigrubs™ bite?

    • Calcigrubs larvae and adult Black Soldier Flies do not bite or sting and will not harm you or your Pet.   

    How do I feed Flies from the Calcigrubs™ BSFL?

    • If you see larvae turning dark and want to provide your pet Black Soldier Flies for consumption, place a small dish with sphagnum moss, coco fiber or soil in the cage and place the larvae in that dish. The larvae will bury themselves in the dish and within a few days, Black Soldier Flies will emerge and begin to move about your Pets cage for an interactive feeding experience. 

     I have an issue not listed..

    • Please email support@calcigrubs.com with a description of the problem, order number and any relevant pictures or information.