BSFL - Sifting

Sifting / Cleaning Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae ship on a substrate of a fine ground walnut shell.  This media provides some moisture absorption, is easy to sift, and is all natural.   

**We strongly recommend not feeding substrate media to any animal.


The easiest way to sift BSFL from the substrate is to use a standard kitchen strainer/colander with a screen mesh.  Screen your BSFL and bedding over a garbage can for disposal or an empty container to save for additional use.  Once the media is sifted out and your grubs are free from the bedding, you can feed as needed.

Black Soldier Fly Strainer LargeBlack Soldier Fly Strainer Small

If your BSFL are dry, the substrate will not stick to them.  If you are having trouble removing the substrate due to moisture, you can place your Larvae in the strainer and rinse the media off the larvae with warm water.  Be sure to dry the Larvae thoroughly with paper towels before feeding to eliminate them from climbing surfaces.